Why QualiScreen? :
QualiScreen is a screening method for antimicrobial activity that is especially appropriate for quick and economical testing during product development or optimisation – whether it be, for example, a quick concentration optimisation or a rapid search for the best polymer or antimicrobial agent.

QualiScreen prices start at € 97.50 per sample* (four replicates each)

Powerful & Cost-Effective Tool :

  • High throughput in a standardised and validated test method
  • For the development of antimicrobial products and materials
  • For the determination of suitable concentrations of antimicrobial substances
  • Up to 20 samples (including blank samples) can be measured with 4 replicates each at the same time
  • *cost-effectiv: Measurement of 20 samples simultaneously in one test costs only 1.950.-
  • Test results are presented in a test report as “antimicrobial” (= 99,9% prevention of growth or a reduction in growth over ~ 3 orders of magnitude) or “not antimicrobial”
  • Unrivaled: suitable for many different materials such as polymers, fibers, ceramics, metals, paints, coatings, filaments, textiles
  • Unrivaled: suitable for many different forms of materials (e.g. planar, cylindrical, spherical, etc) and surfaces (rough, smooth, hydrophilic, hydrophobic)

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